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Wade Ripka, a New York based composer, has scored award winning soundtracks for film and TV for HBO, PBS, ABC, CBS, and more, commercial music for UBS, Mars Candy, Mattel Toys and others, and is a staff composer at Omnimusic.

As a session guitarist he has worked with Al Green, the Carlos Santana band, among others.


Besides his work transcribing and arranging the music of the Thai Elephant Orchestra, Wade’s projects include the Eastern Blokhedz!, a band dedicated to the pop music of 1960’s Russia, Greek Judas, which plays rock versions of 1930’s Greek Rebetika, and most recently, Quatre-Vingt-Neuf, which features the music of Leroy Shield, composer for the Hal Roach Little Rascals serials from the late 1920's.

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